In this film-poem Brown illustrates his experience living in Berlin
between 2016-17. Brown uses collage, still photography, video and
boomerangs to re-imagine this dirty paradise as a throbbing visual
mosaic. The evocative imagery is harmonised by a dark music score
composed by the illustrious duo: The KVB (Invada Records)

Premiered on Post, New York

‘Visionary film-maker Christopher Brown delivers a love letter to
Berlin in a new short film ‘Sehnsucht’, the city where the London
based brit lived for a year in 2016 and collaborated with the likes
of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Underground Youth and Neu!
under the Moniker Browzan.

The film scored by The KVB gives us an insight into the dark, creative
and the freak show that is Berlin.

In 2020, feeling nostalgic in UK lockdown, Brown reminisced over
his time in Berlin and wanted to make a piece that captured his
experience living there. His concept was to make a film-poem using
still photography, boomerangs and collage techniques.

A long time admirer of British audio-visual duo The KVB, Brown reached
out to the band to make an original score – they had been wanting to
collaborate for a while and finally the opportunity came to being.
Having lived in Berlin also, Brown thought the UK duo were the prefect
act to generate the atmosphere that Brown’s imagery evoked.‘

2020 | 03:00 | HD | Colour

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