William Friese-Greene (born William Edward Green, 7 September 1855 – May 1921) was a prolific English inventor and professional photographer. He is principally known as a pioneer in the field of motion pictures, having devised a series of cameras in 1888–1891, with which he shot moving pictures in London.

In his 20s Browzan saw a series of portraits of William in his 20s - their lives ran concurrently at the Tate. What struck him, was how cheerfully eccentric this man appeared and also how contemporary the images felt.

He envisioned himself meeting William for a pint down the local pub.  This piece captures a series of self-portraits that engender the 19th Century.

It's Browzan's way of paying homage to the late-great inventor and spanning time. (120+ years)

The past is just us in silly clothes.

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